TLDR of the full bio below; I am a bassist, through and through, and love music in all it's forms! Currently residing in Washington, D.C, I am aspring to make this a hub for bass resources, in the form of transcriptions, teaching, and conversation! Don't hesitate to reach out to me for your transcribing and session/live performance needs! 

My Music Career

Early years

I started my music journey at age six, in the small town of Sindelfingen, Germany. My mother, with a music masters from University College of Dublin, pushed me to play at an early age. The music school next to my childhood home had an annual instrument sectional day, where prospective students could come and try a variety of instruments. The S.M.T.T school was my second home growing up, where I played in quartets, orchestras, and soloed on the Cello and French Horn.   

At the age of 12, I moved to Denver, Colorado, where I continued focus on music, but mostly on the Cello. Towards the end of my 8th grade year, right before I turned 14, I happened to have a chance to play a Double Bass towards the end of practice session. I immediately took to it, and advanced quickly on it.  

Going into highschool, I made the top orchestra for both Cello and Bass. This was my first real choice I ever made; which instrument would I stick to? I went with my instinct and chose the bass. I think if I had gone down the cello route, my life would be quite different, to the point where I don't believe I would've pursued music much further, especially after highschool. 

Me and my bass

Once highschool kicked off, I got fairly serious about classical bass. I was one of the few freshman in our top chamber ensemble, and quickly got my chops up for orchestra playing. I had a few teachers throughout freshman and early sophomore year but none of it stuck. My director, Kyle Rupley, pushed me to audion for the prestitgous All State Orchestra. I was at a point where I still had tape on my bass to mark intonation, so this felt a little bit too difficult of an undertaking. I distinictly remember playing the only solo piece I knew (as I was mostly working on techique and the basics at the time), Hungarian Dance no. 5. I scraped in, just barely, to the Colorado All State roster. I was the youngest student, and first bass player, to make the Colorado All State Orchestra from my highschool. Going from a very beginner focused regime, to being plopped into a major, 70 person orchestra, and playing Tchaicovsky's 4th symphony was electric to say the least. 

After this expereince, I settled on a teacher, Ryan Woodworth, who provided me tremednous guidance at a very early age. His guidance helped me acheive All State honors for every year I was eleigble, and helped with my audition into the Denver Young Artist Orchestra (DYAO).

DYAO is one of the nations finest youth orchestras. The All State expereince was  excellent, but short; expecting us to perfect a major work in under four days was a tough undertaking, but DYAO gave me the chance to see the true craft of music. The amount of hours and teamworks it takes to truly invigorate our musical senses. My time at DYAO gave me some of my favorite musical moments, which cultivated to an eventual invitaion to perform and world premire new classical works at Carnegie Hall, in 2016.  

Me and College

I was fortunate to had been offered several scholarship opportunities for my classical bass ability, from UNC, CU Boulder, and finally my Alma Mater, Northern Arizona University. 

I  studied under the direction of Chris Finet and Daniel O'Bryant. Their guidance, advice, and musical prowess made me the player I am today. 

While at NAU, I played in the  Bass studio and the school orchestras, as well as the professional orchestra in my college down, the Flagstaff Symphony Orchestra. My music scholarship also required me to attend several music courses, such as standard theory, ear training, and more. 

When the COVID-19 pandemic begun, I was stripped away of all my musical output, with orchestra being paused for the lockdowns. It was at this time, in May of 2020, that I picked up the electric bass.

I took to the electric quite quickly, and eventually started my studies in jazz, funk, and the language of music as a whole. 

Once school resumed, I joined the jazz combo and big band groups, in addition to my regular classical music schedule, for both my stand up and electric bass. 

In December of 2020, I was fortunate enough to join my first band, BreakfastForBreakfast. While my time was short with them as I graduated in May of 2021, I had a tremendous learning experience, and we managed to release one single.

Since graduation, I have done more freelance work, playing with several groups around the Denver and Washington D.C areas. 

Outside of music